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Project Feature: Bringing Breathtaking Views to Life at the WILCO Apartments

Los Angeles is a city known for its iconic views, and the WILCO Apartments project with The Somerset Group takes full advantage of that. We at Crystal Clear Glass Inc. are thrilled to have played a key role in maximizing those breathtaking vistas and creating a truly stunning multifamily development.

Maximizing Views and Natural Light

The WILCO Apartments boast unobstructed views of DTLA, Hollywood, and Wilshire Boulevard. To truly capture the essence of these panoramas, our team custom-designed, provided, and installed windows and doors throughout the building. These weren't just functional elements; they were key design features that elevated the overall aesthetics.

But the benefits went beyond aesthetics. Our custom windows and doors bathed the units in natural light, creating a bright and inviting living environment for residents. Imagine stepping into your apartment and being greeted by a panoramic view bathed in warm sunlight – that's the experience we helped create at WILCO.

Collaboration is Key

As with every project we undertake, collaboration is paramount. At Crystal Clear Glass, we believe in working closely with developers and contractors to ensure a seamless integration that complements the overall design vision. At WILCO, that meant windows and doors that not only maximized views and natural light but also perfectly complemented the architect's vision for the building, which was highly social.

A Legacy of Excellence

Crystal Clear Glass Inc. has been a trusted partner for architects in California, Arizona, and Nevada since 1986. We offer a wide range of high-performing window and door options, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood-clad glass products. We even have cutting-edge offerings like OptiCore®, the highest-performing energy-efficient window product available.

The WILCO Apartments project is a testament to our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and creating spaces bathed in natural light and breathtaking views. Contact Crystal Clear Glass Inc. today to discuss how we can help elevate your next project!

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